When Life Gives You Snow, Make Some Snow Ice Cream

Geek Culture

Frank Zappa’s famous warning is wise, but don’t let it scare you off from eating the good, white stuff.

Snow ice cream is a great recipe for kids: cheap ingredients, no cooking, big payoff at the end, long-lasting memories. (I remember having some circa 1975.)


You can look around on the Web for a recipe if you want, but don’t bother following it too closely. Every bowl full of snow is going to be different. You’re going to need to keep adding sugar and milk and drops of vanilla until you’ve got a lovely, slightly soupy mixture that tastes good. Then freeze it a while, scoop it out, add toppings and dig in.

Straight snow ice cream is sort of like ice milk. (Do they even make ice milk anymore?) You’re almost certainly going to want some toppings.

Snow ice cream floats are wonderful –sort of like a Sonic Flurry.

If you’re looking for an immediate icy treat, plain old snow with chocolate syrup is good, too.

Wired: Almost free. Easy to make.

Tired: Only available in winter.

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