GeekDad Holiday Gift Guide #7 — Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Geek Culture Gift Guide Hacking the Holidays

Thanks for staying with us, kind readers. Today, in our final gift guide, we’re going to take a peek into stockings and some other items that are easy to pick up for last minute gifts. This list was put together by Jonathan Liu (JL), Brad Moon (BM), Corrina Lawson (CL), Z (Z.), and me (DB). Don’t forget about our previous gift guides and from all of us at GeekDad, we wish all of you a very wonderful and enjoyable holiday season. Thanks for being here with us!

Death Star Tea Infuser

After a long day of crushing the rebellion (or shoveling the driveway), nothing relaxes more than a steeping hot cup of Lapsang Souchong … and what better way to prepare your tea than this officially licensed Death Star tea infuser? Even Leia will want to witness the ability of this fully functional and operational battle station as you prepare another loose leaf mug of goodness. The infuser’s chain is completed by a TIE fighter and the construction is the infuser is stainless steel, making it dishwasher-safe. You’re all clear, kid, buy it at Think Geek. (DB)

Crimson Shroud

I always feel a little strange recommending downloadable-only titles for gift lists, but Level-5′s new 3DS eShop release Crimson Shroud is truly a video game like no other. You’ve played RPGs on your handhelds before, but never like this; this fantasy adventure features in-game dice rolls, DM-style narration and sprites that are themselves digitized gaming miniatures. The lack of proper character leveling – stats changes are firmly rooted in equipped gear – and the overall brevity of title may make the adventures of Giauque’s band of mercs seem a bit light on content, but the extent to which its stylized to resemble the classic age of D&D is instantly engaging (Z.)

Swoop BagSwoop Bag

Swoop Bags

If you read GeekDad, there’s probably a pretty good chance that you’ve got big piles of tiny plastic bricks somewhere in your house … or everywhere in your house. The Swoop Bag works like a play mat that tidies up quickly by pulling up on the two handles. The edge forms a lip to help keep your Lego/Mega Bloks/Kre-O bits from rolling away, and the bags come in large (44″ diameter) or mini (16″ diameter). One note: they work best when there’s a lot of bricks in them. Order from Amazon, or check out Swoop Bags for a wider variety of colors. (JL)


BiteMyApple Speakers

Call me a non-traditionalist, but instead of an orange at the bottom of my stocking, I’d rather find one of these Vers 1Q Bluetooth speakers. It may be the same size as the citrus (a little more cubic in shape), but you can bet it sounds better. The 3-inch natural wood cube (walnut, beech or bamboo) sports a 2-inch full-range speaker, Bluetooth 2.1, 3.5 mm input jack, USB charging/power adapter and 10 hours of wire-free battery life. Buy it at BiteMyApple. (BM)

Toddy Wedge

A microfiber plush designed to be the soft place to rest your smartphone and other small electronic devices and can be used to clean the screens as well. Lots of colors and can also be customized with logos or, as in the photo, for the holidays. Buy it at Toddy Gear. (CL)

Video Game Gift Cards

If you can’t choose between Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 3, why not give the gamers on your shopping list a choice? If they’re XBox gamers, an XBox Live Points card will give them the Microsoft currency they need to rent or buy videos, pick out an arcade game, or pick up some new music. (Gold account needed for some features.) Buy it at Amazon.

If your gamer prefers the PlayStation, consider a PlayStation Plus subscription. For less than $5 a month, the Plus membership grants access to a library of hit games to download for free. Try before you buy or play some classics. Buy it at Amazon. (DB)

Energizer batteries and chargerEnergizer batteries and charger

Don’t forget the batteries!

My iMac’s mouse seems to eat batteries, and of course Wii-motes are always out of juice when you’re ready to play. Energizer’s Ultimate Lithium line of batteries seems to last a bit longer than others I’ve tried, and it’s backed up by Consumer Reports. Of course, for all those electronic toys (and the Wii-motes), you may be better off with rechargeables. I’ve been using this Energizer AA-AAA charger because those are the sizes I need most commonly, but I also use a La Crosse charger which gives me a few more options like completely discharging a cell before recharging. My biggest piece of advice: get a rapid charger. Nobody likes to wait for half an hour when you’re ready to Just Dance. (JL)

Vox amPhone AC30

What do you get the guitarist who has everything but space? Vox’s new active amplifier headphones. Combining the quality and comfort of Audio-Technica studio-style headphones with the gorgeous tone of one Vox’s own AC30 amp, you get all the jangle with none of the rudely awakened kids. Built-in effects control and an auxiliary input make it a great solution for any manner of listening or discreet playing. (Z.)

Hammer of Thor Bottle Opener

Maybe this past summer’s Avengers movie has you dreaming of Asgard and the Bifröst, but you’re stuck in in boring old Midgard, watching reruns on the television. Why not reach for this pint-sized Mjolnir to help crack open a bottle of sarsaparilla or whatever your favorite drink is? This six inch hammer is officially licensed from Marvel. Are you worthy enough to lift Thor’s hammer? There’s only one way to find out. Buy it at Think Geek. (DB)

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Adventures in the Crystal Empire

If the recently released full season one DVD collection didn’t slake your thirst for all things Ponies, Shout Factory is back with another excellent brony stocking-stuffer. Featuring the titular 2-parter from season three alongside a handful of additional first and second season standouts – including the awesomely asynchronous “It’s About Time” – it’s a great last-minute pick-up at under $10. (Z.)

8-Bit Wreath

There may be no better way to celebrate a geeky Christmas than with this 8-bit holiday wreath. Covered with nods to 8-bit gaming, the wreath is made of EVA foam and includes blinking yellow LEDs on each of the gold coins. Displaying this holiday decoration is almost sure to earn you a 1up. Buy it at Think Geek. (DB)

Robot Family Car Decals

Think Geek has a good selection of “family” car decals that depict mom, dad, and the kids. They’ve got zombies, Star Wars, and Marvel superheroes, but our favorite is the robot family. (I wonder why …) These sweet decals allow you to mix & match arms, legs, torsos, and heads and include more than 50 decals — enough for a couple of cars. Buy them at Think Geek. (DB)

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