The Doubleclicks Wish You Happy Holidays

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The Doubleclicks - Christmas Ain't About MeThe Doubleclicks - Christmas Ain't About Me

The Doubleclicks, the Portland-based geeky music duo, has released a Christmas EP. Not all of them are chock-full of geeky references, but at least a few of them are. The title song, “Christmas Ain’t About Me,” is about the way things change when a new sibling arrives — possibly written from personal experience? “The Greatest Gift of All” (see the video below) is a short little musing about the upcoming Hobbit movie. My favorite, though, is “The End of the World,” which ponders all the incredible and weird things that have happened in recent months and then posits: “there’s no way this isn’t/the end of the world.”

You can listen to all five tracks for free here, or visit The Doubleclicks’ Bandcamp page or the iTunes store to buy the EP. (The physical CDs are already sold out.)



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