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Skylanders Giants Next WaveSkylanders Giants Next Wave

Skylanders Giants Next Wave

My kids seem to enjoy second guessing what new gadgets will come out next. They even have lists of features they want in the next iPhone or iPad and tick them off as they do (or don’t) appear. Looking at some of their suggestions I’d certainly be interested in paying a little more for their top features.

Since we’ve been playing Skylanders Giants this list making has extended to which figures they think will be released in the next wave. At first this was just the characters they liked the most, but more recently I’ve noticed a more scientific approach to their second guessing and ever more complex theories to justify their choices.

I like to think that Activision has a room somewhere filled with white-coated retail experts that my children are trying to outsmart. Having realized they could work out which figures were in Wave 2 by those listed on Amazon, this has become a chief factor in their lists for Wave 3 Skylanders figures.

Their current hot-list for Wave 3 figures is below. These include figures they’ve found listed on Amazon as well as a rationalization over which are most likely to be released next. For instance where there is already a lightcore version of a toy they are placing bets that it won’t be released in non-lightcore version any time soon.

I challenged them on this point as they had included Shroomboom Lightcore in their Wave 3 list. “That’s because he’s only available in a triple pack so far, dad.” It seems they had that angle covered then. Their lists change almost every day. What follows is as much commitment I could get from them. It will be fun discovering how close they are when Wave 3 hits.

Wave 3

The figures my kids have placed bets on being in Wave 3:

Wave 4 and 5

After their adamant predictions for Wave 3, I thought they’d have similar theories for Wave 4 and 5, but no. It seems that this is a step too far for their ever active imaginations. This leaves us with the following figures still to be released.

Special Editions

I asked my kids about this final list of Skylanders, and it turns out this isn’t any sort of prediction but their “hunt down” list of unusual variants of Skylanders they’ve seen online.

  • Jade Flashwing
  • Scarlet Ninjini
  • Polar Whirlwind
  • Molten Hot Dog
  • Legendary Bouncer
  • Legendary Slam Bam
  • Legendary Jet-Vac
  • Legendary Stealth Elf
  • Blue Treerex

Wave 2

These figures are suggested to be released 16th November, although limited supply was included in the initial Wave 1 of figures in the US. Other territories may have to wait longer.

Wave 1

Figures released with the game on October 21st.

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