Planetside 2 Beta Key Giveaway – Right Now!


Planetside 2Planetside 2In case you have not heard, Planetside 2 comes out next week. I had not heard of the online PC game Planetside until I went to Sony Live last month. I went to the fan festival to check out the latest news on the Everquest series and to see what Sony had coming out soon. Their newest title, Planetside 2, was the new king of the hill at the convention.

Planetside 2 ScreenshotPlanetside 2 ScreenshotFor those of you that are not familiar, here is the skinny. Planetside 2 is a massive multiplayer online first person shooter. Think Halo combined with Battlefield, then put that on a massive world. Oh yeah, figure in a few thousand players fighting simultaneously in these territory battles with tanks and aircraft. Sony has also fully integrated Twitch into the game, for all you social gamers out there. I will have a full review coming soon, but I wanted to let you know about it now and invite a few dozen of our GeekDad readers to play!

Vanu ScreenshotVanu ScreenshotTo celebrate the Tuesday release of Planetside 2, Sony has given GeekDad the last of the coveted beta keys. The keys are only good until Friday at midnight PST, but I will send them out all day today – or at least till they are gone. To get one, fill out the form below with the email address where you would like a key sent. I will send you a code, then point your PC’s browser over to and sign in.

If you have a problem with the form, click here for an online version.

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