From Clowns to Zombies, Video Series Examines Why We Get Scared

Hacking the Holidays

It’s fun to be frightened. Whether it’s Jigsaw or Jason, Pennywise or Pinhead, a start and a scream are all part of good entertainment, especially this time of year. But why are these horror movie bad guys so scary? For that matter, why do things scare us at all? And what’s up with our collective fascination with zombies?

The guys and ghouls behind The Scarehouse have put together a series of videos that look at these and other Halloween-related perplexities. Each episode is investigated by sociologist Dr. Margee Kerr, head of “Scare U,” who looks at the phenomenon of fright in a fun and informative way. These videos are sure to get you in the mood for tonight’s festivities and maybe just arm you with enough knowledge to be your Halloween party’s know-it-all. Just don’t forget to check that dark closet behind you before sitting down to watch.

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