A GeekDad Mother’s Day Gift

Hacking the Holidays

By Brad Moon.

This has been a challenging year to be the mother around our house: between my day job and my freelance business, I’m basically working two jobs; my wife works full time in a demanding job of her own plus has been completing her accounting designation by taking night classes; we’ve had a series of family crises including one that had our nephew living with us for weeks at a time while his mom recovered from surgery; a bathroom has been torn apart for renovations; the kids seemed to have been hit with far more than their share of ear infections and other assorted illnesses this year; I bought a PS3 and Rock Band which helped add to the general noise and mayhem around the house during the rare downtimes; and our two big old dogs are having more and more senior moments with one currently recovering from a two week crisis that involved a near-death experience, six or seven trips to the vet (including two trips between facilities in our van, hooked up to an IV and drip) and a $2000 treatment bill.

Jody deserved something extra special for Mother’s Day this year.  And nothing can relax you after another one of those days like a robotic massage chair…  We cheated a little and ordered it just ahead of Mother’s Day, but it’s been very popular.

And once the muscles are relaxed, we cashed in some Air Miles for a “Frozen Concoction Maker”, which arrived a few days ago.  The kids let mom open it a week early… 


I’ve tried the crushed ice via blender thing many times in the past and this thing is just way easier; dead simple, solid, easy to clean and consistent results.  It makes pretty good  non-alcoholic”slushies” for the kids, too…  I’m not sure that I feel comfortable contributing to the Jimmy Buffet empire, but I don’t see Kraftwerk or DEVO flogging frozen drink machines, so I had to capitulate on this choice.

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