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I just got a fun little book sent my way that came as a complete surprise. When I first opened the box, I thought it was a children’s book. I get a mix of books for kids and adults, and while this one at first glance may look like a book for kids… it’s pure fun for adults. The book is The Great Showdowns, and it’s illustrated by Scott Campbell. The book is all about famous movie rivalries, each represented by a simple yet eye-catching full-color drawing that gets to the heart of the rivalry with immediately recognizable characters.

It’s also got a Foreword by Neil Patrick Harris, as if the book didn’t already have enough geek cred with these six movies represented on the cover — Aliens, The Matrix, The Day the World Stood Still, E.T., T2: Judgement Day, and The Shining.

Add 130 more drawings to the six on the cover and you’ve got a 70+ page book that I can pretty much guarantee has at least one drawing from any geek’s Top 10 Movie List. Probably many more. Most of his prints are already sold out, but that’s what makes this book so great — the prints he sells (sold) vary in size from 3.5 x 3.5″ up to 10 x 8″ but this book has 136 of Campbell’s best, suitable for framing. Each image in the book is 3.5 x 3.5″ and the only downside to framing them is you’ll have to cut up the book… so buy two.


I’m quite impressed with the selections here — many are obvious but there are a number that will only appeal to true fans. Some are probably going to be downright difficult to figure out (there are two that have me still stumped). Fan of Big Trouble in Little China? Campbell’s got Jack Burton and Lo Pan. Fan of They Live? Campbell even included the sunglasses. Fan of Fargo? Yes, the chipper is there. Fan of Fight Club? The soap was the clue. Fan of Pulp Fiction? Say “what” again! Fan of Office Space? “Mmm… yeah….”

Geeks are the real winners here, however — the book is full of showdowns from all our favorite movies. Ghostbusters. Predator. 2001. Raiders. Blade Runner. Dune. Escape from New York. Wrath of Khan. Night of the Living Dead. Running Man! I’m going to stop now.

Trust me… you’ll love this book.


As I said… buy two copies of The Great Showdowns. You’ll want one to cut up so you can frame all the drawings and give your geek friends their favorite movie rivalry.

I believe that Campbell’s simple little illustrations will scratch an itch for geeks. He uses colors, facial details, and small bits of humor to set the scene in a subtle manner that is more memorable than any packed action scene. A quick glance at two sides facing off on a small square of paper is all you need to relive an entire movie.

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