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At long last, we all get to meet BB-8 this week. If he (she?) lives up to expectations, I’m sure BB-8 will join the pantheon of great fictional robots.

Our poll this week: which robot is your favorite?

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Last Week’s Results


Star Wars won pretty resoundingly this week, with 55% of you saying that you had the franchise emblazoned on the most shirts. Marvel came in second with 23%, and in third: telling me how I forgot your favorite franchise. (Dark Tower, Jaws, Transformers and Lego were suggested as ones I forgot.) Dr. Who and Star Trek brought up the rear, and apparently because I didn’t vote Firefly got zero votes. Which makes me sad, but this is the week that I get to take my son to a brand-new Star Wars movie so nothing is going to keep me down for long.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Poll: Favorite Robots

    1. I would have to go with Optimus Prime probably too. I was also a fan of the beat up robot in Black Hole. Was that Vincent or just a beat up version of Vincent.

      Also, since we are talking about that movie. I was 6 when I saw it in the theaters and that mean robot always haunted my dreams.

  1. Where’s Robot from Lost In Space? He would have been my overwhelming favorite. Otherwise it looks like most of us are going with the hero from all the Star Wars movie to date, R2-D2.

  2. I would have voted for Twiki, from the Buck Rogers TV show. He was the first robot I remember who had a sense of humor.

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