Weekly Poll: Favorite Robots

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At long last, we all get to meet BB-8 this week. If he (she?) lives up to expectations, I’m sure BB-8 will join the pantheon of great fictional robots.

Our poll this week: which robot is your favorite?

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Last Week’s Results


Star Wars won pretty resoundingly this week, with 55% of you saying that you had the franchise emblazoned on the most shirts. Marvel came in second with 23%, and in third: telling me how I forgot your favorite franchise. (Dark Tower, Jaws, Transformers and Lego were suggested as ones I forgot.) Dr. Who and Star Trek brought up the rear, and apparently because I didn’t vote Firefly got zero votes. Which makes me sad, but this is the week that I get to take my son to a brand-new Star Wars movie so nothing is going to keep me down for long.


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