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This October, it will be time to Return to Ravnica. Ravnica is a world covered entirely by city and ruled over by ten powerful Guilds. On October 5th, this revered Magic: The Gathering set will kick off an exciting new block featuring the ten Guilds and will reveal new conspiracies and schemes that threaten to shake the foundations of the world.

If you like, you can click here to learn more about the ten Guilds and take a quiz to help you select one. By affiliating with a Guild, players can take part in the battle for control of Ravnica and even earn Planeswalker Points towards their Guild by participating in Magic events at local game stores.

GeekDad has been given exclusive spoiler card to hint at what is to come in Return to Ravnica. Let me introduce you to the Phantom General:

Spoiler Card - GeekDadSpoiler Card - GeekDad

Be sure to check out the new Return to Ravinca on October 5th, and check out the website for more details.

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