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JumpFromPaper's Play HookyJumpFromPaper's Play Hooky

Try as I might I simply cannot deny the genuine charm of JumpFromPaper’s innovative line of messenger bags and purses. Created by Taipei-based designers Chay Su and Rika Lin, these real-life products are, as the name implies, painstakingly crafted to resemble hand-drawn, 2D illustrations. From the vibrant coloring to the thick artificial “outlines” that define each item, they are eye-catching, engaging and downright exciting.

JumpFromPaper was nice enough to send me one of their Play Hooky models to review, and, though they generally tout their bags as storage solutions for tablets, I found it to be perfectly sized for my 11″ MacBook Air. While less than an inch deep in its collapsed state, the Play Hooky can be expanded – by unzipping a secondary zipper that runs along the outside – to more than triple that. When fully extended it offers more than enough space for the MBA or similar ultrabook, and its rigid construction and rugged stitching provide proper insulation from the hazards of the daily commute.

This main compartment is supplemented by an additional interior pocket (located beneath the magnetically secured flap) and a small zippered enclosure on the back of the bag. Sadly these are particularly snug, offering little more than the space to store a magazine or Kindle and your smartphone respectively. Space constraints are, in fact, the only thing not to love about the Play Hooky.

Its adjustable shoulder strap is comfortable enough and its overall exterior design is as durable as it is novel, but bulkier items, even things as simple as my 3DS XL and MacBook charger, added weird and uneven bulk to this super-slim messenger bag. Because of that it hasn’t exactly replaced my old standby, the STM Scout, for regular use, but its stunning visual appeal has admittedly convinced me to travel a bit lighter of late so that I can take this bold, interesting piece with me out into the world.

Retailing for $99, the Play Hooky might be a hard sell for the strictly utilitarian, but fashion-minded geeks will respond to its boutique appeal. Additional styles are available (ranging in price from $79 to $109) in any number of funky colors and delightfully surreal designs. Though likely not for everyone, they do add a dash of undeniable whimsy to any day at the office.

Review materials provided by: JumpFromPaper

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