New Chemistry Set Caters to Homeschoolers

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Robert Bruce Thompson, author of Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments, has assembled a chemistry set to sell to amateur chemistry buffs and homeschoolers.

Because chemistry is widely considered to be the most difficult lab course to do well—particularly on a tight budget—we offer the CK01 Standard/Honors Home School Chemistry Laboratory Kit. It provides a comprehensive, rigorous laboratory component for a first-year high school chemistry course, and does so affordably. With the exception of standard household items (such as table salt, sugar, vinegar, aluminum foil, foam cups, and so on) and other minor items that are readily available locally, the kit contains all of the special equipment and chemicals you’ll need for a complete chemistry lab course.

The kit can be used with a religious curriculum or a secular curriculum, and is easy to coordinate with any standard chemistry textbook, including A Beka, Alpha Omega, Apologia, Bob Jones, CK-12, and many others. The laboratory sessions encompass the entire range of topics typically covered in a first-year high school chemistry course. The kit contains sufficient material to provide lab sessions, interspersed with your lecture material, over the course of a full school year. For students who have already completed a first-year chemistry lecture course that did not include a lab component, you can use this kit as a standalone chemistry lab course taught on weekends during the school year or during the summer session.

For a student who will go on to major in college in chemistry or another science, the kit provides a rigorous, comprehensive first-year chemistry lab experience. For non-science majors, you can, at your option, reduce the rigor and scope of the chemistry lab experience simply by doing only selected core lab sessions, while still providing an essential introduction to chemistry lab concepts and procedures.

These kits are designed and produced by Robert Bruce Thompson, author of the best-selling Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture, which has been used by thousands of homeschoolers to provide hands-on homeschool chemistry lab courses. As popular as that book is, we frequently receive email from readers asking if there is a way to do a rigorous first-year hands-on chemistry lab course without spending several hundred dollars or more on equipment and supplies. So we set out to design a homeschool chemistry kit that would be as inexpensive as possible while providing a full range of rigorous experiments. The CK01 is that kit.

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