A Double Dose of Geek & Sundry – TableTop and Written by a Kid

Tabletop Games

On this week’s episode of TableTop, Wil and friends Veronica Belmont, Phil LaMarr, and Jimmy Wong play Wits and Wagers Family. If you’re familiar with Wits and Wagers, the game is essentially the same, less the gambling aspect. If you’ve never played before, the game involves asking a trivial question and each player responds with a numerical answer. Players then guess which answer is closest without going over. It sounds simple, but it’s an incredibly fun family game. Like last episode’s game of Dixit, you’re able to play along at home. Who will win this week’s episode? If you’ve been paying the answer is pretty easy — not Wil!

As a bonus, we have this week’s episode of Written by a Kid. In this episode, Ima tells a story called Ginger Potato. In Ima’s tale, Gumdrop is a gingerbread man, just trying to make his way in the world. Unfortunately, Gumdrop lives next door to a boy named Potato who loves to eat gingerbread. This makes things pretty tough for Gumdrop, who can’t seem to catch a break, so he decides to move. Will things be better for him in his new gingerbread house? Or will the terror continue? Watch this sweet horror film and find out.

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