Ticket to Ride Nederland

Days of Wonder Announces Ticket to Ride Nederland

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Ticket to Ride NederlandDays of Wonder announced a new Ticket to Ride map pack: Nederland. The new map will be released at Essen in October (and be immediately available in Europe), and then will become available in the rest of the world in November.

The new map introduces a new feature: Bridge Toll Tokens. Most of the routes on the map are double-routes, meaning that more than one player can build there. However, the first person to build a route pays Bridge Toll Tokens to the bank—the second player to build there pays the tokens to the player who built first. The Bridge Toll Tokens are worth points at the end of the game. It will be interesting to see how this affects gameplay, as competition to be first to build paths will be even more heated than usual.

Here’s a look at the map and components:

Ticket to Ride Nederland

For more information, visit the Days of Wonder website.


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