GeekDad Exclusive: Bug Out With Rapper Random’s Newest Video

Reading Time: 1 minute

Since retiring his Mega Ran persona, Philadelphia-born/Phoenix-based rapper Random has set his sights on an even grander project. His current undertaking, Language Arts, consists of a narrative spread throughout three separate EPs, a comic book adventure and a video game.

On each release, Ran, a former English teacher, holds “class” by breaking down a famous literary work in rap form. The first installment of this retells the story of Kafka’s seminal The Metamorphosis in the standout track “Buggin’.” GeekDad is thrilled to premiere the accompanying video directed by Max Isaacson. It’s truly an inspired blend of early 20th century German absurdist fiction and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-style antics.

Language Arts: Volume 1 is available now via iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp, with Volume 2 set to be released this Tuesday.

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