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“Weird Al” Yankovic has been pumping out parodies before there were CDs. Yes, young padawans, I listened to him on cassette tape. So, with a shout-out to one of my favorite artists (and a hat-tip to big-time fans), I present the Top 10 Weird Al songs – GeekDad style. Some are current and some are vintage. If I’ve forgotten any that you would place in the Top 10, please let us know in the comments.

10. Don’t Download This Song.
This was done during the height of the peer-to-peer song sharing sites-being-sued-by-RIAA era. The official video (embedding disabled) is here.

9. Virus Alert.
One of the more recent songs by Al. Could have gone a bit higher, but given what’s coming up, this is the highest I could place it. The official video (embedding disabled) is here.

8. Yoda.

You’ve gotta give Al credit. He was a Star Wars geek a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away before MP3s and iTunes. This version is a fan-made mash-up of Weird Al and LEGO.

7. Hardware Store.
Every GeekDad has a (sometimes) unsaid yearning to go to the hardware store. A fan-made video homage to the song WoW style…

6. eBay
Okay. We’ve all been there and questioned the junk we’ve purchased. Al has the guts to make it into a song while parodying the boy-bands of the (19)90′s.

5. Craigslist
The newest song released by Weird Al on this list. In the style of the Doors, it highlights the things you can do on Craigslist. Not my personal favorite style, but the subject matter is hilarious and Weird Al’s got Jim Morrison’s moves down. The official video (embedding disabled) is here.

4. Dare to be Stupid.
Some people think this video from Weird Al (back when MTV played music videos…but I digress) was more Devo than Devo videos. Discuss. (Does this start another Geek Argument?) The official video (embedding disabled) is here.

3. The Saga Begins.

Nothing quite like parodying The Phantom Menace in song, but Al does it. The official video (embedding disabled) is here.

2. White and Nerdy.

I’m sure some thought this would hit #1. Sorry to disappoint. While a fantastic song that many GeekDads can relate to, it just doesn’t make it to the top spot. If you watch the lego version you have to sacrifice watching Donny Osmond as a back-up dancer. The official video (embedding disabled) is here.

1.Think I’m a Clone Now.

This is a fan-made mash-up of Attack of the Clones (circa 2002) with a Weird Al song (circa 1988). It’s a bit Back To The Future, but it hits my list as the best Weird Al song – GeekDad style. Enjoy.

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