A Seven-Year Old Boy’s Top Secret LEGO Plans



Image: LEGO.com

Seven-year-old Quaid Guarino has been in the news lately for something we can’t tell you about. Well, sort of.

Quaid’s a fascinating kid: he has a budget for LEGO bricks and goes bargain-hunting on eBay, and has built Star Wars replicas on his own, among other things. He owns piles and piles of LEGO bricks and 400-piece sets are a cinch for him. But what got him into the news is something a little more unique. In March, Quaid came up with a “totally new way” to play with our favorite plastic bricks. Not only that, but he Googled “LEGO,” sent them an e-mail—and the president of LEGO responded! He’s since signed a contract with LEGO and is in negotiations, so he’s not allowed to say what his new discovery is.

What everyone wants to know, of course is: what is this “totally new way” to play with LEGOs? Is he melting them down and molding them into action figures? Is he combining them with pipe cleaners and egg cartons? Does his cat figure into the deal?

What do you think, dear readers? Leave your ideas in the comments … or better yet, send an e-mail to the president of LEGO and maybe you can get a contract, too!

Check out Quaid’s mom’s blog on Raising Maine, with links to other news stories about Quaid.

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