GeekDad Puzzle Of The Week Solution: Bafana Bafana

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Congratulations to Kirsten Rayhawk, who correctly answered this week’s puzzle and was selected to win a $50 gift certificate from the vuvuzela-blowing fanatics over at ThinkGeek.


At the GeekDad version of the World Cup, there are just four stadiums being used in South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Each serves as the training grounds for counties from Groups A, B, C, D & E – one stadium is shared. The countries assigned to these stadiums are Brazil, Germany, Cameroon, Spain & the Netherlands. Using the following clues, provide us with the group and training ground of each country.

1. Neither Spain nor the country using Port Elizabeth share a training grounds, but the Dutch do.

2. The Group A team doesn’t train at Port Elizabeth and they share a stadium with Cameroon.

3. The countries in Groups C, E and Germany do not share training grounds.

4. Group B is not Germany, nor do they play at Durban.

5. Group D plays in Johannesburg, but Group C doesn’t train at Durban.

Good luck!


  • Group A, Netherlands, Cape Town
  • Group B, Cameroon, Cape Town
  • Group C, Brazil, Port Elizabeth
  • Group D, Germany, Johannesburg
  • Group E, Spain, Durban

Thanks to everyone who entered … and check back on Monday when other-Dave will attempt to nutmeg your brain with another penalty kick puzzler to the top corner of your spongy gray matter.

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