The Return of the King? Jackson May Be Directing The Hobbit After All!

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Hobbit holeHobbit hole

Photo by Rob Chandler (Rob & Jules on Flickr); used under Creative Commons Attribution license.

If earlier this afternoon you felt a lightness in your step, if you thought you faintly heard the collective geek consciousness of the world let out a relieved sigh, we know the reason why. Rejoice, friends, for it seems the tumult that has been plaguing the filming of The Hobbit is finally being resolved in the best of all possible ways!

Yes, word has reached us via the good folks at Sci Fi Wire, who had the news from Deadline New York, that Peter Jackson is in negotiations to take the helm of the movies (it will be made in two parts). To virtually anyone who saw the Lord of the Rings films, this can be nothing but good news. Some of us geeks were unhappy when Guillermo del Toro quit the project, and some of us were pleased; but all of us, I think, were nervous about who might be hired to replace him. We can finally get the neekerbreekers out of our stomach, though, for our worries have (it seems) proved unfounded. Assuming the deal gets done, of course, but it seems unlikely they’d let it leak unless it was close to signed.

Now, we just need to hold our collective breath waiting to see who’s chosen to play Bilbo. And we need to lobby to get Wil Wheaton signed to play Bard the Bowman.

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