Decanter Allows Anyone to Easily Create Interactive Storybooks

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Have you ever flipped through an interactive storybook on your tablet and thought you would love to be able to create a book like that, but you don’t have the faintest idea how to begin programming an animated e-book? An upcoming piece of software from Podotree has you covered.

With a self-contained toolkit, Decanter will give you the ability to quickly develop visually dazzling and interactive storybooks for mobile devices. The platform will allow you to design by simply dragging and dropping original artwork onto a dashboard. The software supports 2D physics that take advantage of accelerometers and gyroscopes found on iPads, Android tablets, and phones. You can create simple animations in real time with an easily editable motion generator. Best of all, publishing is a breeze, one touch publishing creates output for both iOS and Android devices.

Decanter will work with Windows and OS X and will retail between $200-400 when it hits virtual shelves this fall. To see Decanter in action, check out the demo video or download their interpretation of the Wizard of Oz in the iTunes store ($1.99).

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