GeekDad Community: August Needs a Holiday — Let’s Celebrate Lego Day!

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Almost a decade ago now, my two boys and I decided that building with Lego was fun, but building for a couple of hours was not enough time to build the epic creations we were interested in (and finally had enough bricks to build). We decided to create a new holiday — Lego Day!

Every year without fail, we have set aside the first Saturday in August as Lego Day. After a good breakfast of Lego Eggo waffles (sadly no longer available), and with Dad sufficiently caffeinated, we pull out the parts bins and set to work. Usually, there is a new set, or a cup from the Pick-a-Brick wall at our local Lego Store, or a Bricklink order to start us off.

The first couple of years we just built around our Lego Train sets, but eventually we started coming up with themes for each Lego Day’s builds: Disneyland (the Disneyland Castle with Space Mountain in the background shown above), Zoo (polar bears playing with mice on the left), Space, Camelopolis (modern day Camelot), Pirates (the Treasure Cave of Isla de Muerta), and Diagon Alley have all been Lego Day themes. Some year’s builds have gotten so involved that we’re still putting things together the next day, and don’t get around to photographing them until several weeks later.

I am happy to announce that this year’s theme is Doctor Who. While my older son has already created several minifigures of The Doctor and his companions, I think this year’s theme will be quite a challenge.

So, drag out your bins of Lego, clear the living room floor, and join us in celebrating the fun, imagination, and creativity of Lego on Lego Day, Saturday, August 4, 2012.

All images: Michael Tierney

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