Celebrate Father’s Day with Geek & Sundry’s Tabletop

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If you’ve ever shared the grief of getting destroyed by diseases while playing Pandemic, consoled a friend over continuously bad dice rolls during an entire campaign of Dungeons & Dragons, or done a victory lap around the table after finally winning a marathon game of Puerto Rico, you know that games have the power to create incredibly strong bonds between friends and family. Those bonds are evident every week on Geek & Sundry’s wonderful gaming show, Tabletop.

The show’s host, Wil Wheaton, has written and spoken extensively about gaming’s ability to bring people together and when you watch him play Ticket to Ride with his wife, Anne, you can see the truth in his words. Obviously we at GeekDad are also huge fans of tabletop gaming. So it made sense for us to team up with the good folks over at Tabletop to do something special for Father’s Day.

We’d like to give you and your family the chance to appear in a Father’s Day Bonus video on the Geek & Sundry channel. All you have to do is grab a camera – anything from a Scarlet-X to your mobile phone – and record a video. In 60 seconds or less, tell us what board games mean to your family.

Maybe you have a great memory of passing the hours during a winter storm by playing Axis & Allies, or perhaps your dad always let you win … every game you ever played together, or your house rules included a provision that dad always went last. Whatever your best memories are about gaming with dad, we want to know about them.

Upload your 60 second videos to YouTube and send us the link by noon PST, Friday June 8th. All of the submitted videos* will be included in a special TableTop Father’s Day video Playlist on the Geek & Sundry Channel and our five favorites will be compiled with an introduction from Wil, which will be linked to the June 15th TableTop show and featured as our Bonus content on Thurs June 21! Have fun, include the whole family, be creative, and be sure to tag your upload with the words “GeekDad”, “Tabletop”, and “Father’s Day” so we can find it!

*Geek & Sundry and TableTop are rated PG-13 so please make sure the content of your videos appropriately reflect our family-friendly nature.

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