Kickstarter Reminder — ClassRealm Project Ending Soon

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The mashup of classroom and RPG is a reality, but only in one classroom at the moment. The ClassRealm Kickstarter is seeking to raise funds to take the concept and make it available to all teachers who wish to integrate the concept of turning learning into play.

You can read more details about the entire project on the ClassRealm Kickstarter page but don’t hesitate to back the project if you find it of interest. Time is running out, and the ClassRealm project needs your support. While it would be nice to have 65,000 backers all chip in $1.00 — and this is completely possible in this day of Twitter followers and crowdfunding — what’s really needed is 5,000 new backers chipping in $10.00 or more.

ClassRealm is one of those great ideas that deserves its chance in the sun. I’ve thrown in my support because I’m hoping that my two boys might one day take a class where this tool is used. But even if you don’t have kids (or kids in school), please do consider for a moment throwing in your support and let’s try to get this project funded!

So, fire up your Twitter accounts, share the link with your Facebook friends, and maybe consider asking your employers or businesses you deal with to help out in the last few days of this Kickstarter project. It’s been done before, with last minute backers dropping in the required funds to make other Kickstarter projects a success. Let’s see if we can do the same with ClassRealm, and give teachers access to a tool that might just shake things up in their classrooms and give kids even more incentive (along with a good dose of fun) to focus on their studies.

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