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Hippopposites: opaque and transparentHippopposites: opaque and transparent

Hippopposites: opaque and transparent.

Hippopposites coverHippopposites coverIf you liked the Pantone Colors board book, here’s another fun book for geeky kids from Appleseed: Hippopposites. Although it starts with a pretty common pairing — “small” and “large” — it quickly moves into the realm of the unexpected, all featuring this stylized hippo. For instance, how many opposites books have you seen that feature “opaque” and “transparent”? How about “positive” and “negative” or maybe “in front” and “behind”? This set of opposites might not prepare your toddlers for the real world, but they’ll be all set when it comes to using Photoshop.

It’s a pretty large board book: 8″ x 9″, each spread with a pair of opposites depicted by designer Janik Coat in a simple but humorous way. There are two special spreads. The one for “Full” and “empty” (shown below) has a cut-out spot for “empty” where you can imagine a hippo might have been. “Soft” and “rough” is a touch-and-feel page, with some fur and burlap in the pages for kids to feel.

It’s a cute little book, and while it may not replace your standard opposites books, it’s one that design geeks will enjoy. My own kids (already beyond most opposites books) thought it was pretty funny. Now all we need is Baby’s Book of Layers.

Hippopposites: full and emptyHippopposites: full and empty

Hippopposites: full and empty.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a review copy of this book.

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