Advent Countdown Competition

Geek Culture

I’m always excited when we can get our advent decorations down from the loft. Our kids have really got into the whole “counting the days” experience and get up early each morning to see what is behind the new window on their calendar.

While they get ever more excited, I like to use the time to try and reflect on the year gone by. This inevitably turns to the various fun gadgets, toys and technology that has passed through out house.

2010 for us has been one punctuated with various LEGO Games (Shave a Sheep is still a regular favorite), a clutch of family friendly Wii titles and a smattering of classic board games. The end of the year has been all about trying new gaming technolgy out as we put MotionPlus, then Move and finally Kinect through their paces. All in all it has been quite a year in our GeekDad household.

Win KinectWin KinectThinking this through, I struck upon the idea of an Advent Countdown Competition to help us remember some of this great technology as well as warm up our expectations for Christmas.

Well, one thing led to another and I ended up creating something of a monster contest with Kinect as our grand prize. I hope you enjoy entering as much as I have enjoyed setting it up.

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