Kari Byron, Mythbuster Mom: Affirmations for a Working Mom

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Kari-StellaRuby-475x475“You can have it all.”

I can’t express how much I hate that cliché phrase. If I read another article about a celebrity mom who balances an amazing career with the perfect family, all while giving cooking/housekeeping tips, I am going to dig my eyes out with a rusty spoon. (Wait, I guess I can express it.) Maybe you can “have it all” if you don’t include such concepts as sleep, a clean house, and a healthy relationship with coffee.

Maybe my cynicism is due to my 16 month old having all her teeth come in at once and having learned to yell “mommy” when she needs me…repeatedly…all night long. Today I am a zombie; and I am pretty sure that is apple sauce in my hair.

Being a working mom is hard. Anyone that tells you different is lying. Not that I would have it any other way. I never really entertained the idea that I would give up my career. I am on Mythbusters, for Pete’s sake! I would love to stay at home with my Stella Ruby. After all, she is the most beautiful baby ever born. I love her so much I could bring myself to tears just thinking about her. Though hard, this is the most amazing adventure.

I do have dark moments of working-mom guilt, but I actively try to crush them with my list. I am a list person. Here is my list of working mom affirmations:

  1. My daughter has a positive role model of a career woman. She can be anyone she wants to be.
  2. I never take a moment with her for granted. She has my full attention and I savour my time with her like dark chocolate.
  3. She has a college fund and she is only 1.
  4. I am the first one she sees in the morning and the one who kisses her goodnight.
  5. My mom worked and I turned out fine, right?

And if those don’t work, I just say “Thank you, age of technology!” What did mommies do before iphones, Skype, web cameras, texting and cell phones? My daughter and I connect digitally all day. Even my co-workers love watching videos of her that I shove in front of them — or they love me enough to pretend.

So far, she seems like a well-adjusted, outgoing, happy child. I guess I haven’t screwed her up yet.


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65 thoughts on “Kari Byron, Mythbuster Mom: Affirmations for a Working Mom

  1. Kari is awesome!!!!BTW its not like hot women were ever really thought to be dumb, it just seems so unfair that someone can be hot AND smart, so some jealous people started that rumor, lol 😉

    You can have it all, if you are creative and willing to do things differently 🙂 Not being materialistic helps a LOT too.

    I DO have it all- and my stay at home husband/daddy really makes this possible.I don’t know why more women that want a career and family don’t try this out. We also moved to Mexico where we can afford a housekeeper and any other help we need.Yeah, I have to cross the CA border a few days a week (when not in home office) for work, but its worth it!

    PS- I’ve never had guilt about working, and never would.Why? Do working dads have guilt? Does anyone expect them too? There’s your answer…..

    Career moms are just as good as SAHMs, and spend nearly the same amount of time w their kids anyway.

    Keep up the good work Kari, you’re a great role model.

  2. It’s very refreshing to hear a celebrity mom actually say that it is hard to balance work and kids. I find that in our society that it is expected of mothers to quickly get back to their careers after having a child. And so for people like me, who have decided to be a stay at home mom, it seems to be frowned upon, as if I didn’t already have enough mommy-guilt to deal with already. Anyhow, it’s just nice to hear someone I respect and admire say that it’s challenging to have to decide between work time and baby time. I agree!

  3. I love the list and the candor! (and my kids and I would have been very disappointed if Kari had NOT returned to MythBusters!)

  4. I was a working mom for the first 2 years of my baby’s life. I HATED it. I was nursing and my job gave me CONSTANT crap about the time I took to pump. I didn’t suppliment with formula, she was a total breast fed baby, which meant that I had to pump 4 times during the working day. Though they made it hell, I didn’t give up like so many are forced to do. We made it 15 and a half months. I felt like the only time I got to see her was when she was tired, hungry and cranky. I give a lot of props to working moms and especially those who DON’T say, “I love my kids, but I love my time away from them at work.” If that’s the case, why the hell did you have kids in the first place?

    I love you on the show Kari and I love that you have embraced being a mom and are finding ways to keep in touch with your baby while at work. It’s AWESOME.

  5. “My daughter has a positive role model of a career woman. She can be anyone she wants to be.”

    What about being in FHM? I honestly thought you were joking when you said in Mythbusters tonight that you had just got back from an FHM photoshoot. Sadly I was wrong.

    Science is still such a male dominated area and I thought it was great to have an intelligent, articulate, confident woman on Mythbusters as a role model for girls (and women) watching the show.

    Magazines such as FHM might look innocuous but they support the notion that the main role of women is to look pretty and amuse men.

    You have so much more to offer than this.

  6. That’s great Kari! Mom’s who can juggle 2 things they love best, their children and a career without complete chaos…that is awesome! I am just a fulltime mom right now, but hope to one day pursue some of my other passions! I know what you mean about the love you have for your daughter..I feel the same way with my 2 babes! We wouldn’t want you to leave the show anyway!! I love you on there! you, grant and tory work so well together and make it enjoyable! Mythbusters has become my favorite show and part of it is because of you! 😉

  7. Even my co-workers love watching videos of her that I shove in front of them — or they love me enough to pretend.

    I truly love that they pretend. 🙂

  8. Kari, Can I just say that I LOVE that your a baby wearer, and that your doing it in something other than a baby bjorn, lol. My husband and I are huge myth buster fan’s. We have been watching the show since the first season. Good luck to you and your family. Being a mom is the hardest job you’ll ever love.

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