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My desk is now protected by a Time Lord.

There are those within our ranks who are what you might term Lego purists, and that’s okay. Just as there are Sony fanboys and Mac devotees, there are some builders that shudder at the thought of handling off-brand materials. But for the rest of us The TARDIS Mini Set is a Whovian dream come true.

This construction set comes complete with 53 specialized bricks used to create the 11th Doctor, companion Amy Pond and, of course, an adorable awesome 3 1/2 inch TARDIS. The vehicle set itself makes for a simple build, and, while it features plain paper accent stickers instead of more durable decals, it includes extras in the event of any unfortunate ripping or misplacement.

Image source: Z.Image source: Z.

Living together in tiny harmony.

The figures each come in four pieces — head, torso and legs with a skirt for Amy and a miniscule Sonic Screwdriver for the Doctor — and boast eight points of articulation. They’re sized at about an inch and 3/4, which means, despite their more stylized proportions, they stack up nicely against your Kre-O and official Lego mini figures. (Think the Lego Friends line only less… pink.)

BBC-licensed and Lego-compatible, the Character Building: TARDIS Mini Set is a quality workplace collectable and a passable toy. With the only knock against the latter being that the play set itself (sadly) isn’t bigger on the inside. Still, with a little imagination you and/or your geeklings will be whisking the Doctor and Amy off on another universe-spanning adventure in no time.

The TARDIS Mini Set is available from many finer suppliers of nerd ephemera, most specifically the crew at the incomparable ThinkGeek, for under $20. You can also flesh out your desktop diorama with Character Building blind packed minis. Because what’s the world of Doctor Who without a bit of mystery?

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