RC Hot Wheels Gymkhana!

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You may not think you’re familiar with gymkhana in motorsport, but you’ve likely seen it. On commercials or on the Web, the drifting, weaving, horsepower-hooning madness is impressive. What the drivers are capable of making their cars do seemingly defies logic and among these masters of heel-and-toe, Ken Block casts a mighty shadow. The rally driver’s Monster-marked Ford Fiesta is an icon of the sport.

Now kids not young enough to crank an ignition can channel their inner Ken Block with a drifting RC car from Mattel’s Hot Wheels. While the car has been out for a short bit, the video (above) was only recently released. The video showcases the RC car’s drifting abilities and illustrates how much fun driving an RC car can be. Makes you want to pick one up and give it a try — all the fun of rally, without the headaches of sponsorship.

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