Crochet Your Own Chompy From Skylanders

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Crocheted version of a Chompy from SkylandersCrocheted version of a Chompy from Skylanders

Image from Home Crafts Blog

Melissa D over at Home Crafts Blog has created a very cool Chompy crochet pattern. I think she did a great job for her first go at creating a toy pattern. I know it’s a lot better than my first (or 2nd, and last) attempts at knitting a stuffed toy.

So my son is obsessed with Skylanders! But you can’t find any patterns for anything related to this game. So I decided to try to crochet him a Chompy, the small critter that features in the game.

Check out the rest of her story and pattern at Home Crafts Blog: Skylanders Chompy Chompie Free Crochet Pattern

If you know of any other crafty Skylanders creations, please drop a link in the comments below. I would love to feature them here.

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