Camo, Warnado and Wham Shell Complete the Skylanders Elemental and Dragon Sets

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Remaining Skylanders: Camo, Warnado and Wham ShellRemaining Skylanders: Camo, Warnado and Wham Shell

Remaining Skylanders: Camo, Warnado and Wham Shell

As we get closer to the release of Skylanders Giants the number of figures still to be released in the first game is down to single figures. Warnado and Camo are next up, following by Wham Shell. This will enable players not only to complete their Air, Life and Water elemental sets of Skylanders but also the lesser known Dragons collection. Having all the Skylanders in each of these sets results in a stats/experience boost when you play.

My kids have realized they need to be quick off the mark to grab these new figures when they appear on Amazon, so have been trying to decide whether they really wanted them beforehand. Although I thought this would come down to their stats and attacks in the game, it seems that completing particular sets of Skylanders was a greater concern.

Currently the dragon Skylanders are in the ascendance, not only because they can all fly and are some of the fastest characters but also because my sharp-eyed son spotted a tweet that suggested owning all the dragon Skylanders would grant the group a stat bonus.



Camo, being the final dragon Skylander to see daylight, is the top of my son’s list. He already has Spyro, Zap, Drobot, Whirlwind, Bash, Sunburn and Cynder so Camo would complete this set for him.

Stat-wise Camo is not all that different from the other dragons, although being a life element Skylander results in an interesting combination of Sun Burst projectile attack and Firecracker Vines defensive power.

  • Health: 300
  • Speed: 50
  • Armor: 34
  • Critical Hit: 30
  • Magic: 25


Warnado has caused some consternation in our household. My daughter is sure he is a dragon and will be needed by her brother to complete his collection, and I can see why because he does look very dragon-like. But in fact, as my son rightly retorted, he is actually a turtle Skylander.

This not only means that he can’t fly like the dragons, but he also has a focus on melee close combat attacks. Firstly his Spin Attack sees him spinning on the spot and damaging any enemies within range. Then his Summon Tornado power creates a tornado that not only damages enemies but picks them up and moves them around.

  • Health: 310
  • Speed: 35
  • Armor: 30
  • Critical Hit: 10
  • Magic: 25
Wham ShellWham Shell

Wham Shell

Wham Shell is the final water Skylander to be released, and will be the last of the originally announced figures to hit the shops before the arrival of Skylanders Giants.

The strange thing is that my kids have made a pact not to buy him. Something about his eyes, square body and horns gave my youngest son nightmares after seeing his Soul Gem video and he has persuaded the others not to get him.

I actually quite like the sound of Wham Shell, although if I do get him I’ll probably keep him out of sight of the kids. His Malacostacan Mace attack not only has a great name but promises to inflict high damage with that big mace swinging around. Then there is his Starfish Bullets attack which I hope is similar to Trigger Happy’s projectile attack that favored players who could button mash the quickest — I still pride myself in being able to repeatedly press buttons faster than anyone else in my family.

  • Health: 300
  • Speed: 50
  • Armor: 18
  • Critical Hit: 30
  • Magic: 25

Part of the kid’s arriving home from school routine now not only includes washing their hands and having a snack, but also checking their Amazon Skylanders bookmarks for sign of these new characters. I have told them that it may be a while before they are released but this doesn’t seem to dissuade them from checking.

Camo, Warnado and Wham Shell will be available from Amazon over the coming months, with Skylanders Giants following towards the end of the year.

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