Free Learning Apps This Week From Wombi!



I’ve reviewed a number of iPad apps from Wombi for GeekDad — they have some great (and simple) little learning games in their library that they’ve shared with my son, Decker, over the last year. Well, I’ve been informed that it’s been one year since they released their first app and to celebrate they’re giving away three of their apps for free (until Friday) as well as knocking down the price of a handful of other apps to just $0.99.

The free apps include:

Wombi’s Picture Book of Animals (my almost 2 year old, Sawyer, loves this one)
Learn to Count with Wombi
Jigsaw Puzzles with Dinosaurs (one of Decker’s favorites)

The $0.99 apps include:

A Day at the Circus (Decker has been playing this one a lot lately)
Pirates Treasure: Memory Game (Decker beats me quite often)
Games for Kids

I’d like to thank Daniel for alerting me to the free apps and the price drops on the other apps. If you’ve got some young kids who love the iPad, these are apps that won’t break the bank and offer up some learning, logic, and observation skills to boot.

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