Tricorder Project Seeks to Build a Mobile Sensing Device

Geek Culture

Everyone’s favorite deus ex machina tech from Star Trek may become a reality! (OK, I take it back, replicators, the holodeck, and inverse-phase tachyon bursts routed through the forward deflector array are higher on the wishing-for totem.) The Tricorder Project seeks to create a mobile sensor suite that could be used to aid scientists and medical personnel… basically like what you see in the show.

One of the most beautiful aspects of science is that while there is so much we can see and smell and feel around us, there’s an inconceivably large universe around us full of things we can’t directly observe. The Tricorder project aims to develop handheld devices that can sense a diverse array of phenomena that we can’t normally see, and intuitively visualize them so we might see temperature or magnetism or pressure as naturally as we see color.

Demo video after the jump.

[via Adafruit]

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