Ticket to Ride Is First Board Game to Take Advantage of iPad Retina Display

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Much has been made about the Retina display on the new iPad, so much so that it’s easy to dismiss all of the talk as hyperbole. But looking at these new screens from Ticket to Ride, perhaps the new display is as good, if not better, than what people are saying.

The updated maps for the popular board game port are available as a download immediately, apply to all of the ingame maps, and take advantage of the ultra high definition that the iPad’s Retina display offers. For the first time, C. Huntingbot, Marg Loughbot, and even real life players can experience the same detail as seen in the actual board game. Ticket to Ride, boasting more than 800,000 downloads, is the first board game app to take advantage of the enhanced display.

Plus, thanks to the increased sharpness of the new iPad, track symbols on the train routes (that help colorblind players) can be seen in normal, non-zoomed view. The best part is that the map upgrades are free to all current owners of the app.

See more examples of the updated images after the jump.


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