Third Wave of Skylanders Figures Appears on Amazon

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Skylanders Triple Pack (image: Triple Pack (image:

Skylanders Triple Pack (image:

After the popularity of the second wave of Skylanders figures, I’ve been eagerly keeping my eyes peeled ready to get my pre-order in for the next wave of figures. Then, this post on the Skylanders Facebook page sent me rummaging through Amazon’s search.

I’m glad I did because among the slightly confusing mis-listings and third-party items I discovered the following figures:

  • Cynder (Undead Element) ($7.99 on Amazon)
  • Double Trouble (Magic Element) ($7.99 on Amazon) — Note: The item’s title says “Cynder,” but the picture is of Double Trouble.
  • Triple Pack: Whirlwind, Double Trouble and Drill Sergeant ($18.27 on Amazon)

A bit more research revealed that these have also been listed on so it looks like we will be seeing an official launch of them very soon. If these figures follow the same pattern as the previous Skylanders releases it may be worth getting in an early pre-order, I ended up paying over retail to get hold of those figures and I’m determined not to be bitten twice.

The release of Cynder and Double Trouble means that you can now complete the Undead and Magic elements to gain the maximum boost to your character stats. Fire, Water, Air, and Life element collections still have unreleased figures in them, so can’t yet be completed. These figures are likely to be released in a fourth wave later in the year:

  • Sun Burn (Fire Element)
  • Warnado (Air Element)
  • Wham Shell (Water Element)
  • Zook (Life Element)
  • Camo (Life Element)

The Skylanders Amazon Store is good to keep track of the latest releases, as well as providing a good introduction and overview to collecting the figures. I also have a saved search that turns up other Skylanders not listed elsewhere (like those third wave figures above).

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