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New Year, New GameNew Year, New Game
The ENnie award-winning RPG blog Gnome Stew is launching a new side project this year to encourage roleplayers to get out and play some new games: New Year, New Game (NYNG). The event’s goal is for game masters (GMs) around the world is to run a new game this year. The hobby, after all, depends on an active community of games going on and the more, the better. This includes both exposure to games you have never played before – and if you haven’t taken a look lately there are now a huge variety of RPGs available, produced both by major and small-press publishers — or simply starting a new campaign using your favorite system. The main point is to have fun by broadening your horizons, challenging your skills, and helping to build a vibrant hobby.

Gnome Stew hopes that the NYNG challenge will become an annual event, starting on the second Monday in January every year, and running for two weeks. Ideally, publishers and retailers will also jump on board, helping to turn the initiative in to a major event including sales, in-store play events, and special support. The full details can be found on the New Year, New Game website.

In support of this year’s inaugural challenge, many of the RPG Bloggers Network‘s member blogs are focusing their considerable expertise on offering advice on “Running a new game.” Over the next few weeks, RPG blogs around the world will be focusing on advice, inspirational material, or descriptions of their own efforts in running a new game. Here on GeekDad, I plan on writing about my experiences running the new Pathfinder RPG Beginners Box for my son and his friends, along with my 2012 plans for my other RPG groups. If you happen to be a RPG blogger, you can consider joining the campaign simply by writing one or more posts about your experiences and then including a link to the carnival announcement and to in your post. Then you just need to email Gnome Stew’s Martin Ralya (haiiro AT gmail DOT com) so he can add the link back from the carnival’s page.

If you’re not a blogger, you can still participate in the discussion: just post a comment below describing a game you’re planning on running or describe your experiences running a new game. So, get out there and play something new and help make sure the hobby continues to grow.

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