CES 2012: Day 2 Roundup

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This product won’t be out until late in 2012, but they did have a demo going — a remote controlled helicopter with a small wireless camera that is controlled by your phone or tablet. The video isn’t HD, but given the severe weight limitations on the small chopper, I can totally cut them some slack on the lower resolution images seen. (And who knows… they may have this technical issue improved by year’s end.) There is also a vehicle version with camera, and I can imagine a lot of kids enjoying playing with the car or helicopter and enjoying the view from the cockpit.

Details can be found at interactivetoy.com

Belkin wifi lockBelkin wifi lock

Belkin Home Automation

The Belkin booth was a mad house of activity, so I didn’t get a chance to ask a lot of questions, but I did get the overall idea on a set of new products they are selling called WeMo. Basically they are devices you plug into your wall that communicate wirelessly to your Wi-Fi enabled router. They request an IP address and then are able to be controlled with your phone or computer — plug in a lamp or coffee maker or anything you want to be able to turn off and on remotely, and the WeMo devices will allow you to do so. I was especially interested in their prototype door lock that works on the same principle. You can lock and unlock any door equipped with the device using your phone, allowing you to let a child or spouse in to a locked home should they have lost their keys. A numeric combination can also be enabled in lieu of a key or wireless control.

Check out more details at belkin.com

Phiaton headphonesPhiaton headphones

Phiaton Headphones

I have tried on a lot of headphones at CES. A lot. It gets difficult trying to remember which set had what features, and they begin to blur together after a while. Phiaton had one of the more interesting sets that I looked at (the MS 400), and when they told me it was the Porsche of headphones, I accepted the challenge. I’ll be doing a more thorough review a bit later on the headphones for you, but just know that the leather and carbon fiber components are real, and the headphones are simply stunning looking.

More information can be found at phiaton.com

I’ve got a few more vendors I want to visit before heading home Thursday morning, so it’s back to the floor for me.

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