Perfect Holiday Countdown Gift: Playmobil’s Dinosaur Expedition Advent Calendar

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Image: Playmobil

One tradition that my family has maintained since I was a little girl is using Advent calendars during the holiday season. It is a really fun way to anticipate and count down to Christmas for the entire month of December. It is especially helpful for kids who are constantly asking how many days longer it is until Christmas Day. With an advent calendar, they can just count the days themselves. We do this every year, and have accumulated quite a variety of calendars.

This year we have added the Playmobil Dinosaur Expedition Advent calendar to our vast collection. Unlike all of our other Playmobil advent calendars, this one came pre-assembled. No more folding up little boxes and figuring our which box contains which items. No more spoiled surprise about what is in each day’s window. This one is all sealed up, ready to go once December 1st arrives. This is a huge plus because of the aforementioned spoiler problem, and it saves that hour of pre-assembly. Also, the box is smaller, which helps save storage space between seasons.

Image: Playmobil

This particular Playmobil calendar is great for additional reasons. It isn’t themed for winter, which is an advantage in the southern hemisphere and other locations where it isn’t cold and snowy during December. It isn’t Christmas themed at all, which makes it a great option for those who celebrate holidays other than Christmas, or to use for a countdown to other days during the year. Also, in general, kids can play with the calendar pieces in the off season. Our other sets come out at Thanksgiving and are put away again after Christmas, but this one will get used and reused.

Like with all the Playmobil figures, kits, and sets that I have seen, owned, and played with since the late 1970s, the quality of these playsets has been maintained over the years. And everything is the same relative scale, so a Playmobil toy purchased now can be used with a set from 30 years ago.

But act quickly! Unlike most winter holiday-related presents, be sure to buy this one in time for delivery before December 1, so the recipient can enjoy it during the entire month of December.

The Playmobil Dinosaur Expedition Advent calendar retails for $19.99. It is great fun for kids, families, and anyone who likes to play with figures and make little dinosaur noises. Rawr!

Note: I received the dinosaur Playmobil advent calendar for review purposes.

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