Gears of War 3 Season Pass: It’s Good to be Back in Blood Drive!


Azura mapAzura map

Image: Microsoft

Man, it’s good to be back in Blood Drive, showering lead on Locust scum with my Mulcher. The Gears of War Season Pass, in addition to the “Horde Command Pack” which was released November 1st, will automatically get you “RAAM’s Shadow” when it launches on Dec. 13 and two more unannounced packs next year. You can still purchase a Gears of War 3 Season Pass (2400 Microsoft points) on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Savings amount to about a third versus buying the add-ons individually.

Rustlung mapRustlung map

Image: Microsoft

As far as the “Horde Command Pack” content, the Blood Drive map is a cherished oldie from Gears of War 2, one of the three “new” maps in the first DLC available for Gears of War 3. The other new maps are Azura and Rustlung. The first DLC available for Gears of War 3 offers three new Horde maps, four upgrades to Horde fortifications, three new multiplayer skins, and a couple of weapon skins.

The Azura map is my special place. It feels like fighting Rambo-style on the grounds of a Hawaiian palace. There are a lot of hiding places for you to take cover, and many approach points you can use to your advantage. In any case, what is significant about this DLC is the inclusion of fortification upgrades. You get the option of purchasing a new command center that allows for more powerful defenses: a Silverback upgrade and a decoy upgrade to make COG-looking decoys into guard robots capable of doing more damage.

BloodDrive mapBloodDrive map

Image: Microsoft

For more information on the Gears of War 3 Season Pass check out the Gears of War 3 site.

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