Tom & Jerry Golden Collection Comes Out on Blu-ray Next Week

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My youngest son, spurred by the viewing of some fan-edited Star Wars films, has recently become obsessed with edited versus unedited versions of popular anime and American cartoons. He’s the one who urged me to get a review copy of the Blu-ray high definition Tom & Jerry: The Golden Collection, Volume One, which is due out October 25.

He snagged the collection as soon as it arrived in the mail. Sensing a teachable moment, I made him write a review. Here’s his take:

The Tom and Jerry Golden Collection is exactly what it says on the box: golden.

The shorts are in chronological order, the remastered quality is breathtaking (even on an old CRT TV!), and they are UNCUT. However, the last one (also noted on the box) can also be a downside. If you are a parent looking to buy Tom and Jerry for your child, look to the ‘Greatest Chases‘ collections instead.

These collections cut out all the racist gags, but are only available on DVD. But if you’re a collector of these sorts of things, this is just the set for you. It is breathtaking.

I am amused that he’s twelve and recommending a different collection for younger kids because of content. To elaborate on his review, the collection features thirty-seven re-mastered, cartoon shorts of Tom & Jerry directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. As my son said, the re-mastered picture quality on the Blu-Ray is absolutely stunning, though the collection is also available on regular DVD as well.

The collection includes four Academy Award winners for Best Short Subject: Cartoons and “Puss Gets the Boot,” the cartoon that served as the launching pad for both Tom and Jerry and William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, their creators. Bonus material includes an excerpt from the 1945 live action film Anchors Aweigh, in which Jerry performs a dance routine with the legendary Gene Kelly.

Retail for the standard DVD is $26.99 and $34.99 on the Blu-ray.

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