World’s Largest Boy Scout Merit Badge

As a former boy scout who proudly attained the rank of first class scout (yeah, I didn’t really go too far,) I was interested in seeing how this organization stays relevant for the type of people that read GeekDad. Well, it’s good to see that the latest merit badges include robotics, geocaching, and, most dear to my heart, inventing.

Check out this interesting video entitled “The World’s Largest Merit Badge Mosaic.”

I helped develop some of the content for the Inventing Merit Badge pamphlet. I was paging through it the other day and noted the illustrations include a photo of the Terrafugia flying car. If a boy scout can invent successful flying car, then that would certainly be worth a merit badge!

William Gurstelle’s new book The Practical Pyromaniac is now available in bookstores.

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