Theo Prins’ Stereoscopic Paintings

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Theo Prins stereoscopic digital painting.Theo Prins stereoscopic digital painting.

Stereoscopic digital painting by Theo Prins. Used with permission. (Click for full-size.)

Theo Prins is an artist who creates digital paintings with some real depth to them. His illustrations, obviously inspired by travels in Asia, have a sort of post-apocalyptic feel about them. Bazaars and shops set up in the shadows of ancient highway overpasses, tangles of power lines, the odd juxtaposition of high and low tech. There are flying boats and towering wastes, and they remind me of the covers of science fiction novels.

But what’s really cool is that Prins has been taking his digital paintings and creating stereoscopic pairs with them, turning them into three-dimensional scenes. He isolates individual elements and shifts them to create depth, and the effect is pretty cool. The pair above is set up for cross-eyed viewing, but there are also parallel viewing options on his site.

Check out the rest of Prins’ stereoscope pairs at his website — and the rest of his artwork, too, which is pretty amazing.

Finally, some 3D worth looking at.

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