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Hello and welcome to any and all new readers of GeekDad! We’re glad you decided to check us out, and hope you find something here that interests you enough to return.

Our name may be “GeekDad,” but very little of our content is dad-specific, and we do in fact count four geek moms among our Core Contributors. If you’re a geek of any stripe, even if you’re not a parent (and even if you plan never to be one), we think you’ll find something here you’ll enjoy. So please take a few minutes to browse through our most recent posts, take a stroll through the GeekDad archives by month or by category, or if you prefer scroll down any page on the site and use the tag cloud in the right panel to find articles on specific subjects.

If you should have any questions, comments or criticisms, please leave a comment here or drop an email to the Editor (me), Ken Denmead, or to Matt Blum, our friendly neighborhood Assistant Editor.

Enjoy, and thanks again for stopping by!

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