Small World Tunnels Makes Connections

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Small World Tunnels logoSmall World Tunnels logo

If you’re a fan of the territorial-dominance board game Small World, you’ve probably heard that the stand-alone sequel, Small World Underground, was released earlier this year. It’s a somewhat darker version, with some additional rules to spice things up a bit. Well, since that release, fans have been asking for a way to connect the two games, and Days of Wonder is responding.

Small World and Small World UndergroundSmall World and Small World Underground

Small World, left, and Small World Underground.

Today they announced the arrival of a new free expansion called Small World Tunnels, which uses the caverns on the original boards as tunnels into the underground. The rulebook (which I haven’t gotten to see yet) will explain how to set up games that use a combination of boards from the original game and the new set, combining the two games together (and increasing the maximum number of players by one).

The expansion will first be available at Essen Spiel at the end of this month, and then will hit game stores in the US in mid-November. The information I’ve received said it will be a free expansion, so if you’ve got copies of both games, keep your eye out for this! (Also, watch for a review of Small World Underground soon — I played it once at PAX Prime this year, and have a copy on hand to try out some more soon.)

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