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In case you hadn’t already seen it on our Kickstarter curated page or elsewhere, here’s a quick reminder that Meeple Source has another Kickstarter campaign nearing completion with a bunch of new custom bits for several popular games.

The Character Meeples 2.0 campaign includes a slew of new meeples. Some are just for fun, wherever you want to include them, like the Owlbear or Baby Cthulhu (complete with diaper and skull rattle). But there are a bunch designed for specific games as well: you can get secret agent meeples for Codenames, cave dwellers for Stone Age, wild west figures for Colt Express, and more! There’s even a GenCanterpillar (the official mascot of GenCant).

Scythe meeples
Scythe worker meeples. Image: Meeple Source

Just recently unlocked were the custom Scythe worker meeples: they’re designed to fit in the player board just like the originals, with illustrations based on Jakub Rozalski’s original character designs. Plus, if you want, there are custom action tokens (with the faction symbols on them), encounter tokens, and even some tokens designed to work with the upcoming Invaders from Afar expansion.

There are just way too many other options to list here, so if you love custom meeples, head on over to the Meeple Source Kickstarter page and have a look! But be quick: there’s less than a week to go!

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