Bots High — A Documentary on High School Combat Robots

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Today is the day: Bots High — A Documentary on High School Combat Robots screens today on the net and around the country. Check out their free screening page for more information about screenings, and to see if one is scheduled near you.

I’ve received an advanced copy of the DVD for review and have watched it twice now. If you are at all interested in competition robots, especially at the high school level, you should watch this video. The story follows three Miami area teams through the year, up to the national championship.

Two of the teams followed are all-girl teams from Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. The Mechanical Misfits and their 15-pound robot Little Kanye, and My Mechanical Romance with their 120-pound robots Teenager and later with Famous Last Words.

Ransom is an all boys team from Ransom Everglade with their 15 pound robot Fluffy and a 120 pound robot El Gran Rey Cholo. Fluffy succumbs to fiery death early in the season and is replace with Fluffy 2.

You’ll have to watch the documentary to see how the teams do. I found the film not only entertaining, but informative. While it doesn’t answer the questions about how to start a team, it does give a glimpse into the world of robot competitions and the effect that these programs have on the students.

So if you have time and an opportunity, catch a showing today or snag the DVD off the Bots High site or from Amazon. The whole family enjoyed the show and I expect we’ll enjoy sharing this with our friends and robotics team members.

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