The 3D Twister is a Flipping Good Time

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An RC car that can operate after flipping over is a feature that’s hardly new, but it still feels fresh on the new 3D Twister. The car is unique in that it also provides variable force feedback to the controller after the car crashes into objects. The 3D Twister is impressively fast, very fun to play with, and is capable of performing some amazing stunts, but is slowed down by a battery life that results in just 4-5 minutes of play for every 20 minutes of charging. Additionally and frustratingly, the car’s manufacturer recommends waiting 10-15 minutes after play before recharging the battery to allow the car to cool down; not to mention that it burns through its 4 AA battery supply pretty quickly. Still, when it’s running, the 3D Twister is very quick, nimble, and an absolute blast to drive. For a full explanation of features and a demonstration, please watch the video.

The 3D Twister, $49.88, plus s&h and available from the manufacturer, Silverlit.

Wired: Force feedback, very fast, double-sided operation means very few car resets.

Tired: Short battery life, forced timeout while battery cools.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a review unit of this product. Review unit may differ from current product and accessories.

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