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Though much of the country already started school in August, I always think of the first day of school to be the day after Labor Day. In fact, there still exist parts of the United States for when that is when school starts. (Somewhere. Not Arizona.)

To celebrate the fact that everyone should be in school as of this week, GeekMom will have a variety of articles about education. Some of our European writers are contributing to the theme as well, so those of us in the United States will get a glimpse into educational systems elsewhere in the world.

For my kids, we’re starting school on Tuesday. Normally we don’t start the homeschooling year this late, but we did a lot of educational activities this summer on our long road trip, which counted toward this year. That helped us stretch out the summer months.

[Head over to GeekMom now to read the rest of Jenny Williams’s post, and all this week to read our Education Week posts!]

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