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I’m as guilty in sometimes focusing on only the superhero aspect of the comics industry. That’s largely because DC, Marvel and a few smaller companies are responsible for essentially making it still a viable — if stalled — industry.

But the internet has allow talented creators to get their work out by going directly to the public, through webcomics and mini-comics. And I really need to find more time to read these because I’m missing out on some gems.

Like Coffee and Beer Money by Becky Hawkins.

Hawkins lives in Brooklyn but currently works with a cruise ship show band. Her creative talent manifests not only in her music but in her six minicomics which contain a skewed but humane view of the world. They also happen to be pretty darn funny as well.


What the cover of Coffee and Beer Money advertises, it delivers. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the file that Hawkins sent me but I ended up not only smiling after reading it but feeling like I’d been sitting around having cool chat with an old friend. There’s an intimacy in these comics that comes through in the best way, as the insights are self-depreciating rather than self-involved.

What Adults Will Like About It:

I was particularly interested in the slices of New York City life, as that city holds a real fascination for me. The highlight, I think, was the phone call from the ex, which has a great punchline. The artwork has nice clean lines and the storytelling flow of panels, particularly in the stories that cover a few pages, is excellent.

What Kids Will Like About It:

Teens are probably the only ones who’d like this comic. Not that there’s anything too adult or objectionable in it, there’s nothing stronger than an average episode of The Big Bang Theory. But it’s likely that younger kids won’t relate to the struggles of a young, single lesbian in New York City trying to make her way in the world after college. On the other hand, those fifteen and above might find it eye-opening, in a good way.

Favorite story:

Geeks will appreciate the comic convention story, though, as I said, the phone call from the ex is my favorite.

About the writer:

Hawkins’ minicomics can be purchased at her website and they are also available at Jim Hanley’s Universe and Bergen Street Comics.

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