What’s Up With SUP?

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After just a few minutes of experience with stand up paddleboarding, we looked like we knew what we were doing. Photo by Alisson Clark

From San Diego to Long Island, and especially in my native Florida, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) tours, classes and rentals are popping up all over.

They’re in the ocean, on lakes, in rivers, even on whitewater. The sport, a hybrid of surfing and kayaking (sometimes called YOLO boarding after one of the manufacturers of the boards) is an incredibly kid-friendly way to explore just about any body of water. It’s far easier than surfing and less monotonous than paddling, with the extra benefit of being quick for beginners to learn. Kids who are too young to paddle their own board can ride at the front of an adult’s board, so the whole family can participate.

[To read more about stand up paddleboarding and about Alisson Clark’s family experience participating, head over to GeekMom.]

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