Lies MC Frontalot Told Me

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Z. and MC Frontalot, July 2008Z. and MC Frontalot, July 2008

A younger MC Frontalot in simpler times. — Photo by Denika Robbins

The luckier among us were able to catch MC Frontalot, the godfather of nerdcore hip-hop, at last weekend’s Comic-Con. (Fittingly enough he was featured at booth 1337 with the Dumbrella crew.) A select subset was even privy to his performance at the Ruby Room on Friday night with Random, ZeaLouS1, Dr. Awkward and DJ Swamp. The rest of us, however, simply had to make do with another fine, free track from Front’s web-based warehouse of musical majesty.

Critical Hit,” the preview single from Front’s forthcoming full-length Solved is presently available for your perusal. Truly dedicated fans can also pre-order the album and download the digital version immediately. Because technology is awesome.

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